Three Things To Think About When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Posted on December 20, 2018 by

If you’ve been living with an outdated, cramped or outright ugly bathroom, you’re well aware of how it can drain your enthusiasm (pun partially intended) for the most private area of your living quarters. Given that the bathroom is an inescapable part of your daily routine, redoing yours can elevate not only your mood, but also your home’s overall appeal and functionality.

Obviously, bathrooms have to be useful as well as fabulous looking. Tasks like picking out new tile and fixtures might be the fun part, but you’ll want to bear these more utilitarian pointers in mind during a revamp:

  1. Choose surfaces that are practical as well as pretty. The importance of qualities like “easy care” and “non-slip” come into play in day-to-day life. Of course, you want something comfortable and safe beneath your feet, and surfaces like walls and counters will prove much easier to clean (and maintain the beauty of) if there aren’t thousands and thousands of deeply recessed and intricate nooks and grouting grooves that can attract mold and grime. Fortunately there are lots of great tile choices on the market nowadays that check all the boxes.
  2. Think ahead about your storage needs, large and small.  Consider adding a recessed cubby to your shower or bath to hold things like shampoo, body wash and razors so that you can get rid of that awkward (and unattractive) hanging shower caddy. And while pedestal sinks can be stunningly beautiful, remember that you lose beneath-the-sink storage space in the process – and then plan your new design accordingly.
  3. Make sure the basics are addressed. Here’s where using a reliable and experienced contractor becomes crucial. If your house is old, chances are so is the wiring (unless that’s been upgraded in recent years). The need for lots of light when getting ready in the morning, plus the power requirements of things like vent fans and state-of-the-art styling appliances, can be too much for old wiring in an outdated bathroom. And if you’re eyeing a massive soaker tub or multi-head shower fixture, your water heater will need to be up to the task, so you might need to install a larger one.

Looking for ideas for your bathroom remodel? Not sure where to begin? Check out some of our most favorite projects we’ve worked on over at (If you’re not yet familiar with Houzz, you’re in for a treat – they’re the place to begin for the top trends in home design.) And HGTV’s Bath Crashers never ceases to amaze with their incredible bathroom makeovers. Check out show highlights and even watch full episodes here on YouTube for some of the most exciting before and after reveals (and ideas) you’ve ever seen.

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