Inside a Target Designer and Blogger’s Kitchen Remodel

Blogger Kitchen Remodel

Joy Cho and Interior Designer Sarah Sherman in the GoodFellas Construction Remodeled Kitchen

I am IN LOVE with this kitchen and truly get excited to use it every day!-  Joy Cho (Client)

Remodel: Inside a Target Designer and Blogger’s Kitchen Remodel

Lifestyle blogger mommy extraordinaire Joy Cho tackles a custom kitchen remodel project with our team lead by Project Manager Ran.

We were overjoyed when we were given the chance to remodel lifestyle blogger, author, consultant, keynote speaker, and target designer Joy Cho’s studio/office kitchen! Joy is a renowned blogger with over three million visits to her site Oh Joy every month!

Kitchen Remodel

 “…and here’s the AFTER! With primary shades of white, mint, and gold, the kitchen looks chic and fresh, yet still has a touch of Oh Joy whimsy. I love that the kitchen feels open, yet with the added peninsula on the right, there is more counter space for food prep or for when we are hosting and need an area for food to be out and easily served. We got honed marble (that’s the matte version) for the countertops which feels luxurious and makes the whole kitchen look fancy, but is one of the more durable options as far as marble goes.
This was Joy’s  first structural renovation. She wanted a full-functioning kitchen for her office, a place where the team can cook, compose recipes, take Instagram worthy photos and make great memories in! In 20 weeks, our team was able of transform her simple studio, into a fully functional, whimsical and, creative kitchen space.
For Joy, it was important to find an expert contractor to complete her unique vision. Her team chose the talented Sarah Sherman Samuel friend and interior designer “We worked with Goodfellas Construction to turn Sarah’s design into reality.”  The team then interviewed a handful of contractors and choose our GoodFellas Construction team to execute the designs.
We installed stunning background adorned with her custom designed Petal Cletile tile. Joy choose functional kitchen aid appliances; small and large pieces, in order to maintain the kitchen looking young, fresh, and camera – ready!
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