LA City Legalizes Garage Conversions

Posted on March 10, 2017 by

Thanks to the new state law, Senate Bill No. 1069, California homeowners will now have an easy time building and permitting small second dwellings onto their property. If garage conversions have been on your to-do list for a while, now is your chance to take action!

Small Bathroom Idea

When looking for design ideas for your garage conversion it’s all about making efficient use of the space.

The bill is intended to help aid in the need for new housing units where the lack of supply has led to exponentially high rental prices. When moving to the city, it’s hard not to notice the skyrocketing rent prices. Now that the Bill No. 1069 has passed we are able to do garage conversions in an easy and efficient fashion. The state of California hopes that these dwellings can be converted and rented as low-income housing options for residents. A two-car garage can become an oasis for renters looking for a space complete with a kitchen and bathroom.

Small kitchen in garage

A small, yet effective kitchen design for a garage conversion.

In the wake of this bill, Los Angeles residents can properly permit a garage conversion, as long as it fills simple requirements. Those requirements being that it is located within one and a half mile of public transit, must not exceed 1,200 sqft, or exceed five feet from the property line. To see a full list of requirements check out the complete bill text. A garage conversion can be your answer to more space for a growing family or assist in supplemental income by renting the space.

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