Inside a Food Blogger’s Dream Kitchen

Posted on May 1, 2017 by

Sitting at her day job, Kelsey Preciado noticed a sudden spike on her blog’s analytics report. In less than 24 hours her sweet potato toast post receives 44,000 views, a dramatic increase from the  4,000 views per day her page typically generates. During the week that preceded, the post continued to gain views and recognition from sites like People Magazine and the Dr. Oz show, leading it to virality. “I never thought this would’ve been possible for a little blogger like me, but it changed the game for me,” said Kelsey.

From then on she began to craft a full-fledged career out of her passion for testing out new recipes on Her healthy and creative recipes are the heart of the blog, and each one of those begin in the kitchen.

When Kelsey began house hunting in the Orange County area she knew she wanted to begin with a  kitchen renovation. “It’s such a fine line when you are house hunting to find something that needs work but doesn’t need an entire full home remodel,” said Kelsey.

After diligently searching for a local contractor on sites like Houzz and Angie’s List she came across our company, GoodFellas Construction. “I really liked that you guys did have a social presence, and took pride in your work,” she said.

Kitchen Remodel Beach House Pendant Lighting Gray Cabinets White Cabinets Peninsula

Blogger Kelsey Preciado crafts her dream kitchen with the GoodFellas Construction team led by Project Manager Ran Leemore.

During her initial meeting with Project Manager Ran she was able to express her vision with a trusted professional. “He’s a funny guy, we got along really well from the beginning,” Kelsey shares.

In just five weeks our team was able to transform the space into the kitchen of her dreams. The kitchen underwent major changes including a wall removal that separated the living room and kitchen. Her main goals were to add a lot of storage and create an open space.

Upon the completion of the kitchen her family joined together for a meal during the kitchen reveal. Around the peninsula they gathered with a great cheese plate, “it was exactly what I wanted, it was beautiful,” she gleamed. Read about her remodeling experience on her blog.

Kitchen Remodel Gray Cabinets Peninsula Pendant Lighting

Kelsey’s goal was to create plenty of storage space in her newly remodeled kitchen.