Maximize Your Space Using Clever Construction

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Need tips on how to make the most of your home spaces? We teamed up with Houzz to give you some space saving tips!

GOODFELLAS CONSTRUCTION Pro Spotlight: Maximize Your Space Using Clever Construction

Who: Eli Assouline of GoodFellas Construction
Where: Woodland Hills, California
In his own words: “I love helping clients make the most of their kitchen and bath remodels using the space they have.”

Most rooms in our homes today serve multiple purposes. You probably don’t just cook in your kitchen, for example; you also might eat, entertain and sometimes even work there. As a result, each of your living spaces needs to be as versatile as possible to let you get the most out of your home. “It’s important to choose efficient designs that fit your lifestyle,” says Eli Assouline, the owner of GoodFellas Construction, which has three locations serving Southern California and the Bay Area.
From passion to profession. Growing up, Assouline loved architecture and design. When the time came for him to buy his own home, he renovated it from the top down — and he loved the process so much that he began flipping houses. That’s when Assouline realized he could turn his hobby into a career. “I thought it would be a great opportunity,” he says. He co-founded GoodFellas Construction in 1994.

A helping hand. Assouline felt that client service — a crucial component of his previous experience as a sales and project manager — was lacking in the construction industry. So he made it his mission to build a business that puts customer service first. “I want to be the Rolls-Royce of construction, providing top-notch customer service in addition to an impeccable end product,” he says.Read Assouline’s tips below for getting the most efficient kitchen and bath designs for your lifestyle.

1. Trick the Eye

A few time-tested tricks will help you maximize the space in your small kitchen while giving the illusion of airiness. For example, many people open up their closed-off kitchens and add a large island. Instead of an island, which can eat up a lot of space, consider a peninsula like the one the team created for this L.A. kitchen. You can also add decorative touches like a statement wall, which breaks up the sightline and makes the room seem larger. The one seen here boasts custom white-and-teal cement tiles.

2. Let There Be Light

Boost your home’s natural light, and create the illusion of more space, by adding windows wherever possible. If you don’t have a spot for a traditional window, use a little ingenuity; consider adding skylights, clerestory windows or even a glass backsplash, which is what Assouline did in the Studio City kitchen seen here. “It lets the nature in,” he says; it also makes the kitchen feel larger and capitalizes on the gorgeous natural light and surrounding greenery.

3. Double the Duty

Make your walls serve more than one purpose by adding built-in storage and fixtures that perform double duty. Assouline did both in the master bathroom of the same Studio City home. Two niche cutouts in the tiled walk-in shower provide in-wall storage, eliminating the need for shower caddies. In addition, one of the three shower heads offers a steam option, so the space can double as a steam room.

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