GF Featured on Home Pro Magazine For Charitable Efforts

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GoodFellas Construction Featured on Home Pro Magazine For Continuous Charitable Efforts

The good people at GoodFellas Construction have done it again, donating to yet another worthy non-profit. The go-getting philanthropist team at GoodFellas Construction have not only donated their time and effort to non-profits throughout the US, but they have also become THE trusted contractor to an impressive clientele list which includes: bloggers, interior designers, and high-profile celebrities.

As we researched this company we found an inspiring track record that dates back to their founding days in 1994. Not only do they have numerous of praises from homeowners in California, they’ve also accumulated countless of accolades for their paid services and, charitable efforts. 

We interviewed Eli Assouline at the GoodFellas Construction headquarters to learn more about their contributions to the community.

What drives your company to donate: To us, it’s logical to ask; how do we expect donation organizations to help people when they themselves work in a hazardous facility? We like to help the community in need and, the individuals that facilitate the help. People often forget that there are real people behind these organizations and it’s wrong that while they are doing good they are comprising their own safety working in these older facilities. City codes are amended because with time buildings age and the materials wear down and eventually become hazardous. We found that most often non-profit building upgrades are overlooked when it comes to allocating budget, so our team decided to do something about it.

Tell us about your most recent charitable endeavor: We are fortunate to have an award-winning team of experts that share the same charitable compassion. We worked with great organization like Haven Hills, Larger than Life, New Friends Homeless Center and, most recently Help the Children.

Our world is immersed with hardships at this time so it was important for us to find an organization that assisted not only nationally, but internationally. Help the Children is a nonprofit helping the world alleviate starvation and assisting in getting emergency supplies worldwide.

We genuinely care for the people we help and we create lasting relationships with them just as we do with our clients.

From Help the Children: “GoodFellas Construction really helped out the non-profit organization (Help the Children) that I work for. The GoodFellas Construction team came out and immediately found the issues that needed to be addressed in our building, the electrical in the facility desperately needed to be up to code and the GoodFellas Team was able to identify and correct the issue in a timely manner.”

The owner of GoodFellas Construction is branching his humanitarian efforts even further by creating a non-profit organization called United Countries of the World (UCW), the organization’s objective is to promote world peace and support victims of terrorism and natural disasters.

We as a community admire GoodFellas Construction for their continuous goodwill efforts while maintaining a roster of satisfied clients. To learn more about GoodFellas Construction contact 877.728.9611 or visit










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