Trends in Home Remodeling

Posted on August 18, 2016 by

When it comes to your home remodel it can get tricky picking styles that are on trend and will stand the test of time. This year, it’s all about functional and sleek designs without all the fuss of high maintenance materials. We’ve put together our list of top remodeling trends to consider when crafting your space this season.

1. “Greige” 

Gray is the new beige and it’s popping up everywhere in the design industry. Greige, the newly coined term, is a shade of gray that allows you to mix and match with cool and warm tones. For instance, gray neutrals have become the latest go-to color when choosing tones for home interiors, cabinetry, and floors.

Grade II Listed, Hertfordshire Home

Shades of cool toned gray paired with warm wooden floors give this space a balanced look. Photo by Cherie Lee Interiors

2. Metals

Mixing metals is a creative way to add texture to a space in a trendy way. Metals come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes that can add a modern twist to any home. Additionally, the easy clean up it offers is a great bonus.


This contemporary bathroom was given a glam-update with a splashy metal accent wall. Photo by H3K Design

3. Wood

Typically restricted to the surface of a home’s floor, current remodeling trends introduce wood to non-conforming places. Backsplash, furniture, and walls are being adorned with different combinations of wood, adding visual interest to unexpected places.

modern farmhouse

Mixed wood stains and textures create depth in this bedroom. Photo by Hogue Interior Design LLC

4. Quartz

Upgrading to low-maintenance materials is the most desired feature during a home remodel. Quartz counter-tops are easy to maintain without having to compromise stunning designs. Engineered quartz, such as Caeserstone, is the most popular alternative to natural stones like marble and granite.

White Quartz Countertop

Engineered quartz is made of 95 percent ground natural stone with 5 percent resin. Photo by Marble of the World

5. Stand-alone tubs

As of late, freestanding shower and tub options are making sculptural statements in the bathroom. Previously, combination shower and bath setups were dominating floor plans. Now, freestanding options take up less space and give bathrooms a modern flare.


Freestanding tub in modern master bathroom. Photo by GOODFELLAS CONSTRUCTION