Refreshing Home Remodel in Marina

Posted on March 3, 2017 by

It is always fun to see and hear what our clients want and are searching for when doing any sort of remodel in their home. As we know, remodeling a home can get a bit overwhelming when you have hundreds of ideas in mind that you do not quite know how to bring to life. That is where the GoodFellas team steps in. Our number one goal is to bring our client’s dream home to life, from concept into reality.

Our Process

Every home that we perform work on is unique, so we loved that this project was a slight bit of modern infused with a traditional feel. It made it fun for us to be able to play around with many diverse options. Our clients home is located in Marina, California. Each room in this home speaks a thousand words of its own. As you can see that when looking at the deep red hardwood flooring it gives it more of a traditional look verses when you take a look at the kitchen which holds an undoubted modern vibe.

Modern Kitchen Remodel

In the kitchen, we placed moon white quartz counter-tops with black cabinets and silver accent trims to warm it up. The customer went with an electrical flat cook top stove to keep it looking young.

A modern kitchen design with black cabinets and a gorgeous white counter-top.

Gray Bathroom Remodel

Next, we have the bathroom which we put in frame-less glass shower tempered doors to make the bathroom appear larger than it is. Inside the shower, we installed rectangle gray cement porcelain walls with a natural marble liner that has different shades of gray to give it a refreshed feeling.

Lastly, we renovated the guest bathroom by putting in Tan counter-tops with an artificial quartz look. We went with a classic porcelain sink and a solid black door vanity to keep it simple enough to not take away from the gorgeous counter-tops. As you can see there’s many different looks in each room but they all tie together to keep it looking rejuvenated and elegant.

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