Look What May Happen if You Hire BAD CONTRACTORS

Posted on January 31, 2017 by

We’ve all heard of the horrors that may come with hiring bad contractors. We’ve collected a few memes that display construction mishaps in a humorous way.

****Warning: reading this article may cause tears, choking, spitting and, hysterical LOLs.

Photos taken from Construction Meme’s unless specified otherwise.

When your friends are the perfect weight

 When an atm is installed way above the average height for a human, but the perfect height for a giraffe.
One out of two balconies is considered good for these contractors
Is this considered a house on the hills? Make sure you get a tank as a vehicle
Escalator for Smurfs
Stairs to nowhere good we assume
During construction the train wasn’t working hopefully it stays that way

What do you think came first, the pole or the building?

When you aim to please…