About Goodfellas

Our Philosophy

Our founding philosophy is to build lasting relationships that begin with our clients and branch out to our community. At Goodfellas Construction we redefine the construction industry by offering unprecedented services and results from our experienced forward-thinking team. We work relentlessly to give our clients the most compelling and fulfilling construction experience imaginable. From our beautiful and unsheathing designs we build trust, and from our commitment we build loyalty.

Our History

In 1994, GoodFellas was conceptualized by a young construction entrepreneur whose approach to construction was to provide exceptional service, selection, quality and value for his clients.

The idea resonated with many homeowners, and the ideology of this young entrepreneur’s values ignited locally and eventually, nationally. Today GoodFellas holds the same merits as it did in its founding days with over 5000 clients and numerous of accolades to confirm.

Whether it is online or off, GoodFellas strives to bring the best experience for its prospects and clients.

Finished Home

Awards and Recognition



GoodFellas Gives Back

Always try to leave the world better than you found it
-Timothy Pina

We strive to be the better company. An organization where our employees, clients and our community are proud of. 

Giving back to our community is the most rewarding part of my job. 

Eli- Chairman of the Board